Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Workout Wednesday

I've decided I'm going to dedicate my Wednesday posts for my new work out routines. I'm getting back in the groove of things when it comes to working out so I plan on trying out different types of excersizes to see what work best for me. I've never really had good luck with excersizing because I always felt like I had low I know that is partly to do with me having hypothyroidism and the other part is me being lazy. So I just want to use Wednesdays to track my progress and workouts that I'm liking. Please feel free to chime in with any suggestions or your faves. I'm willing to try anything!!

So yesterday I went to the YMCA for the first time since...the summer when J and I would go to the outside pool and soak up the sun. It's a shame that I pay for a gym membership every month and don't even use it. I just make excuses. No.More!! So yesterday I packed my lunch and dinner (since I work until 7pm) put my workout clothes in my car and went straight to the Y after work. It was hard to take a different route and not go straight home and sit on the couch..but I went. I started off slow..picked up a parenting mag and rode the bike for 20minutes. Then I went to the treadmill. I walked 1 minutes, ran 1 minutes, walked 2 minutes, ran 2 minutes..and so on. I was sweating bullets! I guess that is a good thing, but I was so exhausted afterward! Usually you get a burst of energy, right? Not me, I go home, shower and sleep.

Anyway, I actually signed up for the holiday season "Battle of the Buldge.". The weigh in is on November 14th and you have to either maintain or lose weight up to January 4th to get a tshirt. That's the plan anyway so might as well try to get a tshirt to inspire me haha.
Again, please feel free to leave comments or suggestions as I keep on this trail to a happier, healthier, skinnier me!

**A Special THANK YOU to all the Veteran's out there. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our Country. Happy Veteran's Day!**

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  1. Props to you for hitting the gym! Whew, I really need to do the same...

    Have a great weekend!