Monday, November 9, 2009

Ohhhh Christmas Tree..

Who is excited to decorate for Christmas?? Meeee! Growing up we always decorated after Thansgiving dinner. I think I want to keep that tradition in our household. I'm so ready to decorate my first house..and I have so many ideas! I'm counting down: 17 days, people!! If only I could hang that "baby's first Christmas" ornament I bought for our baby that was supposed to be born November 18th. Maybe I could still hang it in memory?? Or is that gruesome? Anyway, last year J and I were still in separate apartments, but I still decorated an artificial tree. Here is us on our first Christmas together 2008:
This year is going to be waaay better. I'm talking lights on the outside of the house, stockings..candles, just a warm, cozy Christmas house! Jordan wants an real Christmas tree. I've never had one..but I'm always up for new traditions as we start our little family. What are your thoughts on real trees vs. artificial? I'm also ready to start shopping. I already have my mother in law, sister in law and little sister completed. We still have to shop for:
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • older sister
  • brother in law
  • niece Ariauna
  • nephew Elias
  • sister in law
  • nephew Lathyn
  • niece Kamryn
  • grandma
  • grandparents in law (??)
  • aunt

You know, I always thought buying for little kids would be is actually quite hard. I want to buy them what they need (ie. diapers, clothes) vs. what they would probably want (toys, movies, etc) so I'm trying to mix and match things. That will be a whole other blog entry!

Keep counting down until decorating time!!..oh, and that would be Thanksgiving also :)

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