Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm a little late!!

...But here are some Halloween pictures. J and I threw together last minute costumes, but had a great Halloween weekend. We ended up going to two different parties and seeing a lot of good friends!

Jordan was a Glam Rocker and I was a cat...meeeeow

This past weekend was my Birthday!! It started off with me getting a "new to me" car.. a white 2005 Pontiac Grand Am GT. On Monday my husband ended up wrecking my Saturn. We really wanted to wait til after the New Year to buy a new this just sped up the process. My poor Baby Saturn :( I bought that car when I was first "big purchase" it still runs, but it's not pretty :( So we are on a pretty tight budget right now, but I'm lovin the new car. We also went to a mexican restaurant with some friends....oh and I finally got my camera :)
The restaurant was terrible!! It closed at 10pm and we didn't even get our food til after 9! Oh well, I still had a great day. We had to cancel my "nirthday trip" because the money we budgetted for the car ended up being a down payment on the car. We will go again soon, I'm sure. Happy work week!!

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