Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday's Thought..

So, let me give you a little background..there is a girl at work who is pregnant (let's call her Shelly) due November 24th. I was supposed to be due November 18th. We both found out we were pregnant at the same time...yay we talked about the weekly changes in the pregnancies, baby know, just the excitement of being pregnant. At week 12 I had a m/c and she was very supportive of my loss. I was very envious of her, which I think is natural, but never let it show. She never told me about her dr. appointments or anything baby related, but when I would hear her talking about the pregnancy it was very painful to me, but I've always stayed positive and happy for her.

Anyway, I invited her to my bachlorette party 3 weeks before my wedding. I'm not a party crazy person by any means so my bachlorette "party" consisted of sitting on a patio at a restaurant with drinks. She came and then all of a sudden she orders a beer. At first I thought she ordered it for me, but I dont' even like thing I know, she is drinking a 17 weeks pregnant. Now, if that's your perogative OK, but seriously? I just had a traumatic miscarriage 5 weeks prior and you're going to drink alcohol in my presence? I don't try to be judgemental, but after that I lost a lot of respect for her. My night was pretty much ruined after that.

Fast forward 4 months: I'm over the whole drinking at my bachlorette party, I've gotten over the I'm just excited that her little girl is going to be here soon. Two weeks ago, in the office, we threw her a baby shower. I got her some really cute winter outfits, diapers and just some misc. stuff. I wasn't there to see her reaction when she opened the gift, but I never got a thank you card either. I never even got a "Allie, thank you for the gift!" and we are only an office away. I'm kind of shocked, because I think a verbal thank email thank you..a thank you card..a thank you call..a thank you twitter..a thank you facebook status..any kind of thank you is really important. I don't think I'm out of line here.
Has anything like this ever happened to you? Am I overreacting??

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