Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where have I been?

Sunday, J and I went Christmas shopping around town. We have quite the list of people to shop for; I guess that's what happens when you get married and combine both families. While we were shopping, Jordan and I were making mental notes as of what to get eachother. Usually, I wear Juicy Couture perfume. I have been since 2007, but as we walked past the makeup counters I remembered that in High School I loved Clinique's "Happy To Be"
"We stopped making that about a year and a half ago."
Really?! Where have I been? I was pretty disappointed. I was hoping it'd show up in my stocking this year haha.

What do you hope to find under the tree or stuffed in your stocking this year?


  1. Oh I love Clinique's "happy to be" I also love "happy heart" Have you tried that?

  2. Hey, I have some Clinique happy in my closet this very minute...it's pretty old though, so I don't think you'd want it!

    I bought Juicy Couture perfume last year with some Christmas $ from my boss, and man, I love that stuff!

    Oh, and I have NO idea what I want under my tree. Well, except for a Toyota Solara Convertible, but that won't fit under my tree!