Thursday, October 29, 2009

Birthday Trip!

I need to get out of here. What better time than my birthday? Yup, Jordan and I are going to head down to the Riverwind Casino in Oklahoma November 7th. I'm trying to get my BFF and her husband to go with, but that is taking more persuading! I'm not much of a gambler, so I'm going to budget low for gambling, but most of all I just want to get away for the weekend ith my husband. Gambling, shopping, good food, friends (hopefully) will make a great Birthday celebration! I still want a digital camera, though ;) *hint hint*
Work has been really the point where I call my husband on my lunch break begging him to let me just go home and not go back. Have you ever had a job where you just felt unappreciative? Unwanted? Lowest on the Todem Pole? Yup, that's me..after two years.
Last week was "customer service" my mailbox I got a personalized thank you card from my manager saying "Allie: Thank you for your great customer service and positive attitude!" I was stunned, wow that was nice to personalize that just for ME..then I see that my neighbors got a card too with! Rude! I mean, it was nice she handed those out, but the least she could have done was really personalize them for each of us. Oh well, I know where I stand here. I am thankful I have a job, but my job does not define me one bit. I'm sorry, I'm just venting.
Can't wait for Halloween this weekend :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend recap

Ok, first: I don't want to talk about my weigh in Saturday :( I gained a lb back! What the heck. Jordan was trying to console me saying one pound could be a drink..but as Jillian says, The scale doesn't lie! So, that was pretty disappointing, but I'm not going to fall off the wagon again!

Saturday morning I woke up and picked up the house..I had my sisters and best friend over for a Mary Kay party. I like Mary Kay- but I am really not impressed with their eye shadow colors or lipstick! I was trying to find a more "fall/winter" lipstick shade. I chose raisinberry:

And it looked Brown on me!! So I couldn't decide on anything. It was good to get together with my girls though.
J's company had a Halloween party later that night so we got dressed up and went. Our costumes were very "last minute" ha..Jordan wore some velvet, paisley print pants and one of his mother's old frilly shirts. He was a mix between a hippie/woman..pretty interesting! I just wore some of J's scrubs, his nametag and surgery mask. Boring! We will have better costumes for the Halloween party we're going to this coming Saturday!

Sunday, we went to my sister's for lunch and watched the Chiefs play booo :( deep cleaned my closet and watched the Season Finale of My Antonio. I kept thinking he was going to bring Tully back :( I know the show was probably made up, but I really feel like they had true love! When she was sent home last week I actually cried! J definetly made fun of me for that. Anyway, Antonio picked Brooke. No surprise there. I wonder if they'll have a reunion show next week..cross your fingers! I will miss looking at you, Antonio!!

Just a little update, I have been on Synthroid for a week now. I can't tell any difference, but I never really felt "sick" before I found out about having Hypothyroidism. I'm only on 50mg so it will be interesting to see where my levels are in 4weeks.

I also made the decision to go back to school for the spring semester. My major: elementary education! I'm going to take night classes 12 credit hours, and work full time also. I have faith I can do it. I have a great support system from my husband and I realized last Thursday after a really bad day, that I don't want to work in insurance the rest of my life. It can be depressing. J and I are going to the college on November 6th (my bday!!) to enroll. This may also put "trying to conceive" on the back burner..but we have plenty of time to worry about that in the future. I really just want a change of pace in my life.

Happy work week, everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009


(Sorry for the bad quality photo..but I only have my camera on my phone. Maye I'll get a digital for my Birthday in two weeks *hint hint* ;))
Tonight I went with my mom, dad, and niece Ariauna to my alma maters football game. We won! So playoffs here we go..this is the 1st time since 1971 that they have gone to state so this is pretty exciting for us! Ariauna loved the game, especially the marching band at half time..if you ask her what she wants to play when she gets to be in band she says "TUBA!" way too cute! Anyway, it was a great game and the weather cooperated. Fun night with family and football!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I will be upgrading..

From this:

To this:


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So, one day..March 2008..I did this to my hair:

Then..November 2008..I decided to be a little "edgier" so I did this:

Presently, I am at this:
But I realllllly miss this:

Please hair, keep growing! Please and thank you!

Weekend/Weekly Weight Watchers

Saturday I weighed in for my Weekly Weight Watchers and -2lbs! That's 5lbs in two weeks. I'll take it.
So I started my medication Synthroid for the hypothroidism on Sunday. Let me tell you, I haven't had a good night sleep since. I was tossing and turning all night last night and dreaming/half awake about work! I remember waking up, very frustrated and begging God to just let me fall sound asleep. I go back for a follow up in 5 weeks. I'm still trying to be optimistic and not get too negative, but I really hope I can adjust to this medication soon.
The weekend was just all right. Friday I went to the doctor, got my hair highlighted and ran errands around town. Then I went to visit my niece and nephew, gave them baths and read them their nightly books. Then I went to visit my aunt for her Birthday because she was in town. Then it was time to go pick J up from work. After I picked him up we decided to go to Old Chicago so he could work on his beer tour. I was so exhausted after we ate so we went home and called it a night.
Saturday, my sister and I scrapbooked for about four hours. We have been working on a scrapbook for our parents for Christmas and it is coming together very nicely! Then J and I were going to go see the new Gerard Burler movie (can't think of the name) but I just didn't have enough energy to sit through a movie..I was too worried I'd fall sleep. So we went to dinner and drank a margarita. Sunday, we got up, went to brunch and a Halloween store. Still not sure what we're going to dress up as for a Halloween party we're invited to this weekend! Any ideas for a cute couples costume?? I'm still thinking about being a hippie couple...
Happy work week, everyone!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yesterday I got a call from my OBGYN's office saying that my 2nd lab results were indicating that I have hypothyroidism. Hypo-what?? She said my results weren't even on the same scale as to where they needed to be. Come again? I was pretty confused and concerned; I was still at work and didn't want to speak too loudly about my "condition." I did, however, ask if this hypothyroidism was related to my miscarriages. She was quick to say NO. Well, I got to googling (word, yes?) and from what I read, it's about 50/50..some studies show that the absence of the thyroid horomones while pregnancy would result in miscarriage and other reports are saying the two are not linked. I know you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet, but I would really like to learn why my husband and I lost two children. Obviously we're not infertile..we just can't stay pregnant! My 1st pregnancy I made it to 12 weeks and actually heard the heartbeat an hour before I miscarried, my 2nd miscarriage was at 6 weeks..random. Just nothing makes sense.
I am optimistic though..I'm going to my PCP on Friday to get prescribed some medicine to regulate the thyroid issue. From what I've read (yes I'm still reading) hypothyroidism is easily managed. I think she is going to put me on Synthroid?? Anyone familiar with this drug? I am anxious to speak more with my doctor regarding this hypothyroidism whatchamacallit. I should have a better update on Friday about it.
I am also getting my hair done on Friday..just a good ol' touch up on the roots and trim on the bangs. It has been over a year and I am still growing out the Victoria Beckham bob. ugh, so annoying. Well, happy hump day..whoops, I mean wednesday :)

lovers survey

and thought it was too cute to pass up. (btw, who wants to teach me some HTML??!!) So here is a little background of me and my love, Jordan :)

♥ What are your middle names? Shai and Anthony

♥How long have you been together? Married for 3 months, together for over a year

♥ How long did you know each other before you started dating? I think about 2 weeks

♥ Who asked who out? It was cute..J was trying to find the courage to ask me out while we were standing on a friend's porch and I finally just said "we can go on a date sometime if you want.." lol

♥ Who made the first move? probably me lol

♥ How old are each of you? I'm 21 and he's 24

♥ Did you go to the same school? No

♥ Are you from the same home town? Yes

♥ Who is the smartest? Jordan for sure..he is very book smart, but I am the one with the common sense!

♥ Who majored in what? J is pre-med..I went straight to a flight academy out of High school and was a flight attendant for awhile until my airline went bankrupt. I haven't gone back to school.

♥ Where do you eat out most as a couple? anything mexican or italian!

♥ Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Oklahoma lol..we plan on taking many trips though.

♥ Who has the worst temper? ME

♥ How many children do you want? 2 if God would allow me to.

♥ Who does the cooking? Jordan usually..I bake more.

♥ Who is more social? Jordan..he can be friends with a stranger, I havea bit of social anxiety.

♥ Who is the neat-freak? More Jordan, but we are both clean.

♥ Who is the most stubborn? Me!

♥ Who wakes up earlier? Jordan, but just because he goes to work an hour earlier. We sleep until about the same time on the weekends.

♥ Where was your first date? hmm..we went to a movie, then he came back to my apartment and cooked me dinner! Then we sat on my balcony and talked until gentleman! I even text a friend that night saying "start planning the wedding" aww :)

♥ Who has the bigger family? It's about equal

♥ Do you get flowers often? Not that often, but enough times for me.

♥ How do you spend the holidays? Last year we did separate holidays, but this year, as a married couple, we are trying our hardest to coordinate between all families.

♥ Who is more jealous? Neither of us are really the jealous type..we joke about it to eachother though.

♥ How long did it take to get serious? mmm..probably about 2 months.

♥ Who eats more? Jordan lol

♥ What do you do for a living? I work for an insurance company as an insurance adjuster, Jordan works at our local Heart Hospital and does a lot of medical assisting work and clerical work.

♥ Who does the laundry? Both

♥ Who’s better with the computer? Jordan

♥ Who drives when you are together? Me (long story)

♥ What is "your" song? We have a lot of songs.. "I'm Yours" Jason Mraz is one of our first songs, We walked out as man and wife to "You are the Best Thing" by Ray Lamontagne and our first wedding dance was to "You and me" Lifehouse!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Birthday wishlist..

My 22nd Birthday is coming up on November 6th..I think it will be pretty low key..maybe some Mexican food and margaritas with some friends. But no better time than to start a Birthday wishlist for my hubby! I really need a camera! My old Sanyo digital camera died on me and I have been without a digital camera for almost a year! A digital camera will also improve my blog *hint hint* haha This is from the color.

Scarves! My new favorite accessory.

These ankle boots are cute! Love the plaid and would look adorable with a few of my outfits.
Okay, that's all I have right now..of course, just being with friends and family is all I really want, but these are my 3 wishes :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thought of the day..

Always be nice to everyone you come in contact with because you never know what they are going through that day...

Take from it what you will..but it is always best to be kind to everyone because they could be going through a very trying time in their life. People are rude these compassion whatsoever and I'm appalled. I was thinking about this because I work for a health insurance company and I'm in constant contact with members explaining their benefits, claims processing, etc. I hear so many stories of battling cancer, terminal illnesses, etc...and I just wish people would make a little more effort in their day to be positive to those around them.

Anyway, The weekend came and went and it was pretty relaxing. I'm happy to say I lost 3lbs at my weight watchers weigh in in my bathroom Saturday! It's a good start..I'm trying to lose 20 by the new year. Then J and I went to lunch and to see the movie Couples Retreat. It was just OK for us..we were expecting a little more out of it, but overall it was alright and I would recomment it to any married couple who were taking eachother for granted.

Then Saturday night J wanted to have some friends over for Guitar Hero and my sister wanted me to scrapbook with her so we parted ways for the night. Then Sunday I woke up and cooked chilli for my family who was coming over to watch the Cowboys vs. Chiefs game. The Chiefs let us down again, but it was good to hang out with the fam..the highlight of my day: seeing my nephew walk all over my house. He isn't even one year old yet! Then J and I just relaxed the rest of the day. Of course I watched:

My Sunday guilty pleasure haha. Who is for Tully? I think they are meant to be! J hates this show, but I beg him to watch it with me. They are down to the final 3..Tully, Brooke and Miranda. SO glad Christy went home! Okay, happy work week everyone :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

No impressed.

When I heard that Lauren Conrad was going to have a line at Kohl's I thought 'great.' I thought it was good that she was coming out with a more economical line since we all know he 1st expensive line was a flop. And, I love Kohl's..I can always find something there for any occasion. So I remembered that I hadn't checked it out so I went on the website and NOT impressed. What the heck, there's only like 10 tops, 4 dresses and 3 pairs of bottoms listed?? Am I missing something?? And the display page when you click to view her line is very high tech and makes it looks very special. Again, am I missing something??!! I did like one top and one dress, but I am in Kansas and not really thinking about wearing a dress this season. (images are from kohl's website)

Anyway, I'm still planning on going shopping a little this weekend and maybe there is a bigger selection in the actual store for LC? I'm still wanting some new tops for the fall/winter and a few cardigans. I couldn't find any cardigans I liked at Target last weekend.

What is an essential in your fall/winter wardrobe??

I'm going with scarves to dress up an outfit:

(image found on shopstyle)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My favorite jean.

Whenever I need a new good pair of jeans I go to Maurices. For one, they come in short, regular or long..and me, I need long. Plus, long jeans look the best with heels, in my opinion. I like that each pair of jean is different..distressed for casual/lounge/housework, dark wash for dressing up and then everyday wear. Maurices also offers their plus size line included with jeans which, in some months for me, is good to have!

What is your favorite brand/style jean??

Update: I wasn't liking South Beach..sorry if TMI but it was making me constipated despite drinking 4 20oz bottles of water a day. And I was too tired all the time. I'm back to my good ol' Weight Watchers..5th times a charm? I'm not going to meetings..they have upped their weekly price and I know the system. I just really need to stick to it. Who's with me??

Monday, October 5, 2009


Well, this weekend I did something I've never done! I went to a karaoke bar and actually karaoke'd (sp?? lol)

Saturday night J and I went to a nice italian dinner to kind of celebrate our anniversary from last weekend..since we really didn't do anything. Then we browsed the mall and bought a clock similar to this: (can't find actual clock on website)
Thennn we went to our friends', Marlene and Chuy, house and went out for drinks then off to the karaoke bar. I gained enough courage (and drank a few drinks) and Marlene and I sang "Baby One More Time" by Britney. Good times. J also sang twice..there was a bachlorette party there and he was a hit. We don't usually go out to bars like that, but it was a nice change of pace with good friends. We sure felt the after-effects of staying out late though so we really slept in Sunday. All in all it was a good weekend, good food with good friends. Couldn't ask for more.