Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend recap

Ok, first: I don't want to talk about my weigh in Saturday :( I gained a lb back! What the heck. Jordan was trying to console me saying one pound could be a drink..but as Jillian says, The scale doesn't lie! So, that was pretty disappointing, but I'm not going to fall off the wagon again!

Saturday morning I woke up and picked up the house..I had my sisters and best friend over for a Mary Kay party. I like Mary Kay- but I am really not impressed with their eye shadow colors or lipstick! I was trying to find a more "fall/winter" lipstick shade. I chose raisinberry:

And it looked Brown on me!! So I couldn't decide on anything. It was good to get together with my girls though.
J's company had a Halloween party later that night so we got dressed up and went. Our costumes were very "last minute" ha..Jordan wore some velvet, paisley print pants and one of his mother's old frilly shirts. He was a mix between a hippie/woman..pretty interesting! I just wore some of J's scrubs, his nametag and surgery mask. Boring! We will have better costumes for the Halloween party we're going to this coming Saturday!

Sunday, we went to my sister's for lunch and watched the Chiefs play booo :( deep cleaned my closet and watched the Season Finale of My Antonio. I kept thinking he was going to bring Tully back :( I know the show was probably made up, but I really feel like they had true love! When she was sent home last week I actually cried! J definetly made fun of me for that. Anyway, Antonio picked Brooke. No surprise there. I wonder if they'll have a reunion show next week..cross your fingers! I will miss looking at you, Antonio!!

Just a little update, I have been on Synthroid for a week now. I can't tell any difference, but I never really felt "sick" before I found out about having Hypothyroidism. I'm only on 50mg so it will be interesting to see where my levels are in 4weeks.

I also made the decision to go back to school for the spring semester. My major: elementary education! I'm going to take night classes 12 credit hours, and work full time also. I have faith I can do it. I have a great support system from my husband and I realized last Thursday after a really bad day, that I don't want to work in insurance the rest of my life. It can be depressing. J and I are going to the college on November 6th (my bday!!) to enroll. This may also put "trying to conceive" on the back burner..but we have plenty of time to worry about that in the future. I really just want a change of pace in my life.

Happy work week, everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend! I've never been to a MK party before. I'm sure it was fun to have some girl time:) And you can definitely do the whole school thing!! That's awesome and you will be great girl!!