Thursday, October 8, 2009

My favorite jean.

Whenever I need a new good pair of jeans I go to Maurices. For one, they come in short, regular or long..and me, I need long. Plus, long jeans look the best with heels, in my opinion. I like that each pair of jean is different..distressed for casual/lounge/housework, dark wash for dressing up and then everyday wear. Maurices also offers their plus size line included with jeans which, in some months for me, is good to have!

What is your favorite brand/style jean??

Update: I wasn't liking South Beach..sorry if TMI but it was making me constipated despite drinking 4 20oz bottles of water a day. And I was too tired all the time. I'm back to my good ol' Weight Watchers..5th times a charm? I'm not going to meetings..they have upped their weekly price and I know the system. I just really need to stick to it. Who's with me??

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  1. i have a pair of "hydraulic" jeans i got from delia's a few years ago and they are hands down my favorite. they're perfect stretchy without LOOKING like stretchy jeans (i hope you know what i mean) lol and they don't strangle me which is always a plus :)