Friday, October 9, 2009

No impressed.

When I heard that Lauren Conrad was going to have a line at Kohl's I thought 'great.' I thought it was good that she was coming out with a more economical line since we all know he 1st expensive line was a flop. And, I love Kohl's..I can always find something there for any occasion. So I remembered that I hadn't checked it out so I went on the website and NOT impressed. What the heck, there's only like 10 tops, 4 dresses and 3 pairs of bottoms listed?? Am I missing something?? And the display page when you click to view her line is very high tech and makes it looks very special. Again, am I missing something??!! I did like one top and one dress, but I am in Kansas and not really thinking about wearing a dress this season. (images are from kohl's website)

Anyway, I'm still planning on going shopping a little this weekend and maybe there is a bigger selection in the actual store for LC? I'm still wanting some new tops for the fall/winter and a few cardigans. I couldn't find any cardigans I liked at Target last weekend.

What is an essential in your fall/winter wardrobe??

I'm going with scarves to dress up an outfit:

(image found on shopstyle)


  1. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog:) My fall essential definitely has to be cardigans! I think I've bought 3 in the last 2 weeks...2 from Gap, and one from Banana Republic. Oh, I do like that dress in the second picture.

  2. I also love Khols! I haven't seen LC's line at our khols I'm not sure if we have got it yet. I have to agree with RN Mama, my fall essentail is cardigans!

  3. I agree, I looked at her line also on the Khol's website and I wasn't that impressed either.

    I'm so excited for cute Fall clothes though! My essential is probably a cute scarf; it's such an easy way to dress up a simple outfit and they keep me nice and warm in the cooler months : )